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Yellow Jackets, Hornets & Bees!

Thank you for visiting Environmental Pest Management! We are pleased to offer a special discount for Indiana Gazette readers and Facebook visitors!

Get $10.00* off your treatment and removal (if needed) of a Hornet or Yellow Jacket nest!

* One coupon per person, per service. EPM reserves the right to limit coupon use. Must mention discount when scheduling service.


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Save yourself the time, a possible hospital visit, and don’t risk the danger! Let the professionals at Environmental Pest Management treat and remove the nest from your home or business!

Our Treatment Procedures:

We generally use an insecticide dust to treat the yellow jacket and hornet nests, but in some instances we use a specific spray to eliminate the nest.

For yellow jacket nests in the ground, in voids, or in cracks of a structure, it is typically a one-time treatment. For gray ball hornet or yellow jacket nests, we typically treat the nest and then remove it the following day.

**CAUTION:** We do NOT recommend using an over-the-counter “bee” spray in a can for nests in a crack or void on a structure. The material in these products tend to force the yellow jackets inside, which can cause a larger problem – stinging yellow jackets in the living area inside.

Call us first, it will save you time, money, and the aggravation of dealing with a dangerous nest.
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