Residential Pest Control Service

Is your home protected from occasional invaders like ants, beetles, centipedes, pill bugs, and other annoying pests? Are you tired of having cobwebs and spiders in your basement? If so, we are here to help!

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Residential Pest Control For Your Home

Our perimeter home treatment will keep out the above mentioned insects, as well as other pests that you may not even know you have!

Our perimeter treatment is applied by certified and registered pest management professionals. Our odorless and non-staining material is applied where insects gain entry to your home. The application is usually done on the exterior of the home, but interior applications can be done as well. We use a broad spectrum labeled material that eliminates a wide variety of home-invading insects.

If you are bothered by annoying insects that enter and reside in your home, please give us a call to rid your home of these pests! We are the only company that operates solely out of Indiana, PA, and would be happy to protect your home and have you as another satisfied customer!


One-Time treatments for insect specific issues: Each year, we do hundreds of one-time treatments for issues relating to a specific insect. Whether it be ants, spiders, millipedes, fleas, etc, we can eliminate your pest issue. Unlike other companies, we do NOT require you to set up a service contract or treatment schedule – but we highly recommend it.

If you are interested in a scheduled treatment plan, here are our most popular Residential Treatment Options:

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